Wings are now considered complete at this point – at least until I am ready to cover them. In order to complete I put a couple of coats of Helms Urathan satin varnish. Initially, I started using cans of spray paint but they did not do far. Switch to using Harbor Freight gravity feed spray gone (Cheap $20 smaller unit) that others on the forums were saying they had success with.

In order to get a good spray I had to install a filter and regulator on my air compressor to that I used to keep the moisture out and reduce the pressure way down – think I was running at 20psi or even a little lower for best results.

Having completed varnishing the wings I use a couple of bicycle suspension storage pulleys to mount the wings up in the rafters of my garage for storage for now. That worked out well and keeps them out of the way will progressing to the next part of the build – the aluminum Empennage parts!

Oh, also 3D printed a couple of V-shaped parts to hold the ailerons in place but they did not really work out that well – they keep slipping off. Probably need to think of a better method for holding them in place on the finished plane.

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