Using the idea from Iron Designs I am using Aluminium.  At first, I was just going to bend and wrap the Aluminium around the trailing edge of the wing and that was that but I found the Aluminium I was using seem not very ridged between rib centers.  That being the case I then decided to install 1/4in x 1/2in edges between ribs top and bottom.  This made for a more ridged tail edge that I will then be able to glue to.

I have mixed feelings about this process – I think it looks great as a finished product but probably would have been easier just to follow instructions from plans and use wood pieces and glued in foam inserts (this makes an inner C shape tailing edge that Ailerons fit into).

Another aside – I had to do one wing twice when gluing in the formed Aluminium sheet – I did not think to do any prep work to the Aluminium and the glue job separated later on.  I remove the Aluminium, sanded off the old adhesive, “Sanded” all Aluminium surfaces that would be glued to the wood and then re-glued.

Initial gluing of Aluminium to trailing rib K-blocks using CNC cut jigs

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