After installing the tail wheel (shopping cart kind) I did not like how it handled when connected to the control wires. It seemed to be very sloppy and tightening cables seemed to just pull the peddles forward more. Maybe this would not be an issue with feet on the peddles but anyway, I wanted something where the wheel dragged behind the pivot point a little more. Found a design online using 1/4 inch by 3inch angle aluminum for a 4-inch scooter wheel. Ordered about a foot of 4-inch aluminum angle from and a new 4-inch scooter wheel that matched my color scheme and went to work when those came in the mail. Took me about 2 hours or so to cut and build.

tail wheel design
Design found/shared on the net

There was a firewall that came with the frame when I purchased it but it had holes through it that I did not want and in general, it looked like crap – it looked like it was made out of an old piece of aluminum. I do not think it was rated firewall material. This was a quick build since I already had a piece of firewall rated material and had the original firewall piece to use as a template. As you may be able to see looks a lot better 🙂

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