The fuselage I purchased that I decided to use (for now) had some issues with it in the tail section. Basically I wanted to use my rudder and elevator components because the ones the come with the fuselage appear to be made for a regular LE and not the XL. I am a little confused with this fuselage, it is not to the full with wise for an XL but lengthwise has the additional space in for forward area between stations 1 and 2. It is only 22 inches wide and not 24. It is like some kind of hybrid of the two.

Anyway, first removed cut off some plastic guides (do not have pictures of those things) that were being used for the rear cable runs and welded proper cable guide tubes to the fuselage as needed per the XL plans.

I also did not like the LE type elevator that came with the fuselage and decided to use my elevator components I had already fabricated. I also wanted to use my rudder but that was going to be an issue with the Frankenstein fuselage (rear support tube not as tall as XL plans) so for now, I am going to use the existing rudder. In order to facilitate using my elevator, I replaced all the mounting hardware as needed to match XL plans.

I also replace the existing rudder connection to fuselage mount to per plans spec because the existing attachment was an issue – rudder was very difficult to install and remove because it was using two vertical pipes to slide into instead of just a rear one as XL plans describe. The front mount point now has two tabs with thru-bolt to hold elevator to the fuselage.

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