The fuselage I purchased did have some wheels already but they did not include a brake system and I wanted to have that feature. The wheels currently mounted are Blackmax wheels (so I have been told) but for now, I do not want to spend a lot on this system (was going to cost around $500 to get the brake system that comes from Blackmax) and wanted to just have used a bicycle still cable system.

I managed to find some rotors that looked to be a close fit although they were not perfect. I had to create some additional hardware to mount the rotors away from the tires – namely, some offset bushings and as some reducers need for bolts. With some work, I have successfully gotten this assembly together – looks ok and should do the trick. Later I also replaced the current 1/2inch bearings with 5/8 bearings for new landing gear I built.

Build sleaves, build spacers, mount

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