Ok, so I was not happy with the current landing gear that came with my fuselage and after some deliberating, I decided to make a new set per the plans. The main issue with the current gear was it was using older specs (I believe) in which narrower tubing was called for and there is not a 12 degree forward cant. Also, the lower tubing used only allowed for 1/2 wheel “bolts” and I wanted to use 5/8th’s which would match the new wheel assemblies I had previously rebuilt (which included new 5/8″ ID bearings).

I used the old gear as a general guideline for sizing the new gear in regards to width and height which was close to spec – I just added the 12-degree cant along with the wider tubing. I used two pieces of access tubing traveling from top wing mount lateral down to lower fuselage left and right longerons – in an upside-down V formation and ensure. Attached to the bottom of these tubing I attached a guide tube exactly where I wanted the landing gear axles located on each side. These guide pipes also provided the 12 degrees forward cant I wanted.

As usual, pictures tell the story.

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