I already had a tailwheel mounted on the fuselage but it just had a couple of eye bolts bolted onto to shopping cart type wheel assembly and that just did not look very sturdy and also did not allow for disassembly as wires were connected directly to eye bolts.

I create a new steel horn like part and welded it to the wheel housing. While that is working ok, for now, I am not sure welding was the way to go with that – the heat from welding not so good for the wheel bearing. I repacked the bearing with grease and will have to watch to see if I am going to have issues with that.

Took off eye bolts used to hold control wires and replaced with a welded bracket which is a lot sturdier. A little worried about the bearing after doing that welding but saw others doing the same – along with doing so in plans.

I also tried to build a new tail wheel out of aluminum and a wider wheel I found on aliexpress.com. I used my CNC routing machine to cut the aluminum parts and then drilled and tapped it for assembly. I like it but it is a little heavy and I need to do something about swivel bearings and/or bushings. I think I can lighten this (really overkill aluminum wise) with thinner aluminum and mounting in a bearing or bushing.

Here is what it looks like right now.

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