Build wing mount components and weld to the fuselage. In order to help give me a little more headroom, I added an additional one and a half-inch lift to the mounts which will put the bottom of the wing level with the top overhead bar.

Used thread rod to ensure mounts are parallel with each other – especially the holes. I also used a couple of levels to get them straight left to right.

I also welded some additional support flanges to the sides of the wing mounts attaching down to the upper frame diagonals. I found welding up there to be a total pain and was not very pleased with the aesthetics of the welds although they are certainly strong. I think in hindsight I should have just tacked them in place and waited until later to do all the welding when I have the frame stripped in order for painting. I plan on doing that for a couple more seatbelt attachment points I plan to add on the bottom of the frame behind the seat.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I really enjoy your Legal Eagle build pics and information. I noticed that your upper fuselage rear wing attach fitting “T” is in front of the triangle cabin tubing . Most pics show both the front and rear “T’s” are exactly over the wing support angles. Is there a reason that your rear “T” wing attach fitting is located about one inch in front of rear wing support angle?
    The reason I ask is that I just bought a Legal Eagle that has the rear “T” about one inch behind the rear V tubing. I have bought it but still need it shipped form WI. to TX. Know any good shippers? Thank you very much,
    Wallace Mynatt

    1. I put it there because mainly I was trying to get the support reinforcement pieces to line up with the front and rear triangle tubing in some manner. Per the wings that I had built first per plans, the width between the two mount points was not exactly the same width between the centers of the cabin V’s(about an inch longer). I could go either a little forward or a little back so I chose to go to the front. I am hoping that will balance out the CG a little as I am a heavy pilot but I am in no way an expert. Thinking about it now I probably should have put more thought into it, at the time I was thinking more of the structural strength when doing the welding then what effects it would have CG wise. Anyway, the LE is a very forgiving design so I do not think it will effect me too much, I should know for sure how that affects the CG soon as I am almost to that point now.

  2. Another good idea. I like the 1.5″ higher location. And the over head bar being carefully bent which eliminates the need for an extra cut fit and weld.
    What strut length adjustment was needed, if any because of the 1.5″ raised center wing attach points?
    Thank you again,

    1. This has been done by a couple of others and I was just following their examples. I saw a picture of a similar mod somewhere and thought that would be a good thing for me too as I am over 6 feet and there was little headroom as it was. I also ensured the mounting brackets on the wing are at their lowest possible position again as others have done in the past. As for the strut length, that is not an exact science but probably are a couple of inches longer. During building them I did not measure them at all, I built the mounting pieces, set the wings at the correct angle per plans, and fit the strut material to match the needed length.

  3. Thank you again Chris,
    The way you set the wings at the correct angle per plans, and fit the strut material to match the needed length makes total sense to me. Keep up the good work.
    Happy flying SOON! 🙂

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