Doing Some CAD – Part 1

Doing Some CAD – Part 1
January 11, 2019 Chris Anderson 0 Comments

As part of my build I have been doing some CAD work in order to CNC cut many of my parts. Because of this I have basically ended up drawing the entire aircraft – at lease up to this point. I plan on completing this as a move forward with my build. I am using Fusion 360 to do this CAD work which is a product I love and use for almost all my CAD. I also use a couple other tools for my actual cutting depending what machine I am using, for my CNC router I use Estlcam and for my Co2 Laser cutter I use LaserCAD. For both I export DXF files out of Fusion 360 using Addon tool “DXF for Laser Cutting”.

Wing almost complete along with initial fuselage
Wing assembly – incomplete

My Fusion 360 Interface

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