Build wing mount components and weld to the fuselage. In order to help give me a little more headroom, I added an additional one and a half-inch lift to the mounts which will put the bottom of the wing level with the top overhead bar.

Used thread rod to ensure mounts are parallel with each other – especially the holes. I also used a couple of levels to get them straight left to right.

I also welded some additional support flanges to the sides of the wing mounts attaching down to the upper frame diagonals. I found welding up there to be a total pain and was not very pleased with the aesthetics of the welds although they are certainly strong. I think in hindsight I should have just tacked them in place and waited until later to do all the welding when I have the frame stripped in order for painting. I plan on doing that for a couple more seatbelt attachment points I plan to add on the bottom of the frame behind the seat.

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