Completed the build of the Spars (4).  For now, I have not added the spacers for the attachment brackets, especially the rear ones.  I was thinking of adding them later after adding/mounting the Ribs but I believe I will attach the front ones since the Ribs will not need to “slide” onto them.

While building the spars paid close attention when adding the ply and make sure not to get two left or right spars.  I build all the ribbing first and then, later on, all of them mounted the ply using glue and staples to hold.  All this was glued using T88 epoxy since these will be load-bearing.

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  1. Excellent work, congratulations
    I need to order the plywood for the spars from Aircraft Spruce, do you know which one is correct? (it is 1/8 thick but, what kind? How many ply

    1. Hum, per plans it is Birch – aircraft-grade – which I believe it usually comes in 3 or 5 ply. I just ordered off of Aircraft Spruce and was lucky enough to have my father able to pick it up for me along with everything else I needed for wings.
      I went to my order history and found what I actually purchased for the spars was Part# 02-24520 from them which is DOMESTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD – which is 3 ply birch. I also purchase a half sheet of the 5 ply for ribs and ailerons and what have you.

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