Build all my tail assembly starting with the rudder. After some reading about the process, I started layout on my workbench after doing some cleanup of it. I build to outside dimensions per the plans – that can be somewhat user interpreted but I really do not think it matters one way or another for this. Everyone’s curves and layout is going to be a little bit different.

Anyway, I got the layout done and went right into cutting the aluminum tubing to get a close fit. I did build a 5-inch radius jib for bending my tubes using my CNC router and ended up using that successfully. The jib was just a curve with one side containing part of a flat-mounted that to my bench and also screwed down a block the width of tubing to be bent. Work well for me by just putting tubing in the jig and pulling it by hand around until I had it at the radius/angle I wanted.

After getting the tubing parts laid out I then started making the gussets needed. I just folded the paper in half and lined it up on the pipe leading edge – then traced out the pattern I wanted for the gusset. I then cut it out with scissors and glued it in place on aluminum with spray contact cement – M3 Super 77 (lightly). Took tin snips and cut that out – rolled around some hard-stock I had on hand that loops around tubing and riveted in place.

Some pictures follow

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