I took some of my leftover 1/8 inch plywood from the wing build and made a floor plate by laminating two pieces together with epoxy. I cut out the ply to fit into the bottom of the plane just behind the rudder foot petals and just in front of the stick – between the 1 and 2 frames. I wanted a little nicer look and also wanted to lighten it up so added some lightening holes; tried to ensure none were where my feet would site (heels really). Varnished and installed in place with tabs I had already welded on the frame members per plans.

I also installed the brake cables from the brake handle down to the wheel calipers using bicycle brake lines. The current brake handle I currently have is one of those cheap sets from china that has two cable attachments for the one handle. Because of that setup, I do NOT have individual control of the wheels. I would like to change that but currently could not find any dual brake handles for a cable setup. I am thinking I will probably create a custom configuration in the near future that includes a dual brake handle – do some aluminum machining!

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  1. Nicely done, as usual!😎
    Will it be too troublesome to adopt independent hydraulic toe brakes?

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