Been working on getting the fuselage back together after covering the front part of the fuselage with fabric along with painting it. I have decided that the worst part of this build for me is doing the Painting!!! I am to the point I have no patience for it and just want to get this LE into the air.

Anyway, I have decided to use the Latex paint process on my fabric, along with Glidden primer. I have been experimenting with this process in the application of the paint. So far I have tried brush, roller, spraying the paint on. I think at this point my process is going to be to roll on the primer and then ether roll on the paint if spray on the paint. I was going to do all kinds of cool work with wet sanding and stuff to get that mirror finish but at this point that is not going to happen. What I am doing works and leaves a decent finish in the most economical way – I think.

Oh, I am doing 2 layers of primer – cross coats, and two layers of Behr paint – latex enamel outdoor paint. I also want to do some stripes later one when I have the wings done (starting them now) but not sure if I will try to do those with paint OR maybe do them with some vinyl – like they do with cars these days. I have seen entire cars covered with vinyl instead of repainting them!

And of course – pictures.

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