Despite life and all the things going on with work, family, and what have you I have managed to get my wings covered. For this process I used Uncertified 1.8 oz Decron fabric I managed to pick up from Aircraft Spruce. I originally had a roll that came with the other set of wings I got when I purchased the engine and fuselage. I had also purchased additional fabric for the wings tail group and fuselage but I actually was a couple of feet short of fabric for the ailerons!

I still have not technically finished all the wings as I am still waiting for more fabric to finish the ailerons but figured I was fare enough along to blog this.

For this process I decided to use some different glue – I used Superflight U500 Fabric cement. I found this cement easy to use and goes a lot farther than using Poly-Tac. The main reason for this is that you delude the Superflight cement by 1 part glue and 2 parts Acetone. They cost relatively the same amount ounce to ounce but of course, you do not delude Poly-Tac. Superflight is also applied a little differently, you first are to coat the attachment point then apply the fabric over that and then apply another layer on top of the fabric is adhered to. The second coat bleeds thru the fabric and bonds to the pre-glued surface.

I think the biggest thing I did not like about using U500 was having to go thru the extra step of mixing the glue with Acetone – it can be a messy process if you do not do it correctly. OH, and the smell is almost as bad as working with Poly-Tac, so for those looking for something without fumes then Superflight U500 is not for you!

While gluing I also made allowances to incorporate inspection holes – I have not cut them out yet and only will if needed. I do believe I will have to cut out the hole near the inner aileron pin in order to install that – I do not know how else it could be done!

Also when perparing the wings for covering I decided to pre-install some wires for future lighting or anything else I may need – I ran two wires in each wing – one going to the wing tip and one going to the strut attachment point location.

In order to not have wires just hanging out of the wing when they are removed for transport, I decided to add a small wood hallow area in the wing root to tuck the wires in – on the non-fuel tank wing I made a large compartment in order to mount my Stratux into. Up on top of the wing should provide good reception for the Stratux GPS along with the two RF antennas for ADS-B.

I do believe the bonding properties are really good but of course, for a certified glue, they would have to be. Anyway, on to some pictures.

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  1. Hang in there Chris!
    You are almost finish and- from what I read – this urge is very much part of the process.

    1. Yes, almost there but realize all the little things that have to be done to complete project. Still have painting to do, engine work, instruments …

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