So I was trying out my current setup with the fuselage and realized I was having issues with the seat that came with the fuselage. I found it was made to small for me not allowing me to site down and back as far as I needed for a big guy like me. I need as much room as I can get on this plane.

So I cut out the old seat and decided to make a new one out of cloth or something other that aluminum. I have no probable with the plans base aluminum design confort wise as I did find the old seat sat well.

BUT, I have to issues, one being getting a bunch on 1in with aluminum strips or finding someone around here to cut some sheet metal for me since I just am not setup to cut that many perfectly straight by hand. My other thought about the original design of the seat is there is not much wiggle room to adjust it once it is built. Is that really an issue – probably not but between the to I decide to fabricate my own using cloth.

Luckily for me, I have some old unused 3/8 inch wire guides on the rear upright frame that the back of the seat follows – I used that to make U shaped bar that inserted into those allowing me to have a place to pull the back and bottom of the seat which formed the bottom and back nicely.

When considering what I wanted to use and how I wanted to design my seat I saw a seat for a recumbent trike bike that I really liked and used that concept for what I came up with. I purchased and used mesh material like what is used in patio chairs and what looks to be what is used by the recumbent bike. I also incorporated 1-inch webbing for strength/safety along with rope laces for tightness/tightening. Any, pictures tell the best story 🙂

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