Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on covering my tail parts of my Legal Eagle XL. I first had to do a lot of watching videos both from the XL video I got from Leonard and from youtube of course. I found so very good instructional videos covering the Stewart System that were very good and informative. So I actually ended up using two different types of glue – I started by using Poly-Fiber Poly-Tak and that worked reasonably well but found it was really a mess to work with. I also did not like how you had to apply and bond material straight away like working with superglue or something. But I must say when I glued the material on used Poly-Tak is it not going anywhere!

After doing a couple of sections of the tail with Poly-Tak I wanted to try something like the Steward Systems Echobond which I saw on YouTube. I did not have any of that and found it very expensive in comparison to Poly-Tak but while doing research I found others using Fastbond 30NF which has the same makeup as Echobond according to MSDS and is reported to work. I already had a quart of that so I figured I would give it a try.

Working with Fastbond/Echobond is so much better, in my opinion, to work with! These adhesives are a contact adhesive so you can apply the glue, let it sit for a bit to become just tacky (about 30 minutes after applying), and then apply the material by rubbing it in place. I also used a hot iron to bond it even better when I had final placement. To finish the process just apply more glue over top of the material that is in contact which the frame part or what have you.

After I covered all the tail section parts I also decided to tape the edges with 2 and/or 3-inch tape for safety. I think it was good enough without the tape but better safe than sorry. The entire process was definitely a learning experience and I can tell the difference between the first part I covered and the last!

I am also looking at the Superflight U500 fabric adhesive system and think that is what I will use with my wings. It is similar to Echobond and the Stewart System process from what I can see but it does seem like it will go a lot further glue wise comparted to Echobond because it is sold in a concentrated form using it mixed with acetone 1 part adhesive to 2 or 3 parts acetone. So anyway plan on using that for the wings.

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